Carlisle Lake District Airport information


  • New terminal, lounge and runway opened 2018

  • Flight planning and weather reports

  • Fuelling up to 112,000 litres of Jet A1 on station capacity

  • Fire Cat 4, Cat 5 on remission

  • Full ground handling services

  • Experienced aircraft marshalling

  • Aircraft interior cleaning service

Passenger and crew

  • Private business lounge

  • Executive chauffeur service available

  • Private crew room facilities

  • Passenger licensed bar

  • Catering services (three course meal or buffet options)

  • Meeting and conference facilities

  • Free WiFi

  • Aircraft newspapers and magazines upon request

  • Printing services available

  • Passenger concierge Services

  • Executive car hire

  • Hotel arrangements at corporate rates

  • Free complimentary secure car parking

  • Fast and convenient passenger and baggage screening when required

  • Passenger and crew shower facilities

  • Apron transfers upon request

  • Private helicopter charter available


South apron

Surface concrete – PCN 47 R/D/X/U 

North apron

Surface asphalt  – PCN undetermined 

Taxiway width (surface)

Alpha: 15m (asphalt)
Bravo: 9m  (asphalt)
Charlie: 15m (asphalt)
Delta: 22m (asphalt)
Foxtrot: 15m (asphalt)

Runway 06/24

Grooved BBA 30m with 5m concrete shoulders with turning pads at both ends widening to 42m – PCN  45 F/C/W/T

Declared Distances 

TORA – 1690m
TODA – 1799m
ASDA – 1690m
LDA – 1490m 

TORA – 1690m
TODA – 1799m
ASDA – 1690m
LDA – 1446m

Full LED scale 2 lighting system   


RNAV procedures in development  

Runway 01/19

Asphalt 22m – Undetermined PCN 

Declared Distances

TORA – 756m
TODA – 877m
ASDA – 756m
LDA – 756m 

TORA – 877m
TODA – 1033m
ASDA – 877m
LDA – 756m

Air Traffic Control

ATC operational 07.00am to 18.00pm local Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun with AG operational Tue, Wed 09.00am to 18.00pm local 

Fire Category 4 (5 on remission)


  1. Pilots are reminded of the proximity of EG D510, 5nm northeast.

  2. Caution runway incursion prevention. Taxiways Charlie and Delta intersect the midpoint of runway 16/24. Pilots are to adhere to ATC instructions/information and relevant ground markings at all times. See aerodrome chart for hotspot locations.

  3. High ground to the southeast of the aerodrome between 7 and 10nm rising to 1847 ft aal, 2037 ft amsl.